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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 11. no 2. June 2006  

 Postgraduate education
Medical aerobiology
Piotr Rapiejko

Aerobiology, in the strict sense, is the science that studies the transportation of biological particles in the atmospheric air. The major aeroallergens include plant pollens. The seasonal character of the symptoms is the distinctive feature of allergic diseases evoked by pollen allergens. The symptoms appear only when pollen count reaches a certain level. The severity of the symptoms is closely connected with the intensity of allergen exposure. Pollen count information helps in proper prohylaxis, diagnosis and evaluation of treatment efficiency. The author discusses methods for determination of the concentration of aeroallergens in the ambient air. The knowledge of the actual and forecasted concentrations of aeroallergens enables human activities to be planned so as to ensure possibly minimum exposures.

keywords: aerobiologia, alergen, alergia, progowe stężenie pyłku, aerobiology, allergen, allergy, threshold pollen count

pages: from 76 to 82

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