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vol 3. no 2. summer 2006  

 Asthma and infections in neonates and in children
Krzysztof Zeman

Recurrent respiratory infections (otitis media, pharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia and tonsillitis) are the most common childhood problems during the early years of life. They are important to prevent because they are risk factors for further complications of the auditory system or chronic respiratory infection. Moreover they represent an important problem of public health in terms of cost for the social security system, in particular because of the loss of working time of parents who are in charge of their children during their numerous episodes of illness Nonspecific vaccines have been proposed, and are used to prevent recurrent respiratory infection. This use of recurrent respiratory infection is based on a large series of clinical trials showing an advantage in the treated group over the placebo when using various criteria of efficiacy. The bacterial extract can be considered an efficient and well tolerated drug for the treatment recurrent respiratory tract infections, and their accompanying signs and symptoms, as well as for decreasing the risk of reccurences and the need for antibiotics and other antibacterial drugs.

keywords: nawracające infekcje dróg oddechowych, szczepionki nieswoiste, układ odpornościowy, immunostymulacja, recurrent infections, bacterial extracts, immune system, immunostimulators

pages: from 60 to 65

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