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Allergy Asthma Immunology
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vol 3. no 2. summer 2006  

 Allergy - from neonate to secondary school graduate
Epidemiology of allergy in Poland and world
Bożena Jaźwiec-Kanyion

Over the last few decades we observe world-wide a permanent rising trend in allergy in children. The most symptoms of allergic diseases, in 35% of the population, are confirmed in big urban agglomerations and in high-developed countries. The epidemiological situation of allergy symptoms in children in Poland seems to be moved close to the one observed in developed countries. The findings of polycentric epidemiological studies on the prevalence of allergy in Poland and in World are confirming the belief that symptoms of atopy and allergic diseases are increasing in these populations which fast the so-called west style and the comfortable living conditions are entertaining.

keywords: alergia, epidemiologia, ISAAC, CESAR, allergy, epidemiology, ISAAC, CESAR

pages: from 5 to 9

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