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vol 3. no 1. spring 2006  

 Laryngological problems in children
Mieczysław Chmielik

Upper respiratory tract is able to preparing breathing air only in the cases of good health. Unfortunately, since this part of the respiratory system may be affected by harmful biological factors, both the local and general resistance mechanisms sometimes fail and mucous membrane gets infected.
The local resistance mechanism of the mucous membrane is an extremely complex physiopathological process. The degree of course also the of the development age.
Infants and small babies staying with their families usually have little contact with infectied persons.
The problem intensifies at the preschool and early school age when resistens mechanism cannot respond to a massive infections.
Such children sometimes get ill - from time to time severelly. This is espescially true of ear and sinus complication. The following presentation analyzes factors leading to complications mentioned above.
It also includes suggestions concerning adequate treatment through normalised air circulation in the nasal cavity and sinuses aswell as through a propriate medication.

keywords: ostry nieżyt nosa, przewlekłe zapalenie zatok u dzieci, przewlekające się zapalenie nosa i zatok u dzieci, acute rhinitis in children, chronic rhinosinusitis in children, rhinosinusitis chronicans in children

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